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Special Thank You to our Community!

Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse and Leigh Lindsay: Donated space and artwork for the Extra Give

Advanced Metrics: Consultation and donated office furniture

coLAB: Discounted strategic planning services

Crosby Equine Massage & Saddle Fitting: For donating your time and services to our horses

Herd of Hope: Many of the Lone Oak horses have come from Herd of Hope rescue

Horse Angels Rescue: Huey came from this rescue!

Rachel Shearer: For boarding our donkeys and loving them like your own!

Foxfield Farms: Provides us with space to run our programs and boards our horses

Donegal School District: Partnering in programming for One Herd

River Rock Academy: Partnering in programming for River Riders

Families United Network: Referring children and families

New Story: Partnering in programming

Millersville University Veterans Resource Center: Partnering in programming and becoming the first branch in Lone Oak Horses & Heroes

Local Artists: For donating pieces for our art auction during the Extra Give (Leigh Lindsay, Terrance Burton, Kyle Learn, Carl Gustafson, Cedar Whitaker, Susan Gottlieb, children and families!)

Barry Hostetter: Our extra helpful CPA!

Danielle Hornung: For going above and beyond as an intern

Erin and Elliot Darby: Donating your time, consulting, and helping us with projects

Michael and Kerrie Morrow: Creating horse shoes for art projects!

All of our Families!


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