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Meet The Animals

Naya Pearl


Naya is a chestnut quarter horse, and we believe she is about 16 years old. She was rescued from a kill pen in Oklahoma. It is unknown why she was placed in a kill pen, because Naya is a very sweet mare. Naya has a sassy attitude. She is very kind and great with kids. 

Frances Perkins (Frankie)



Frankie (previously Penny) was donated to Lone Oak with her mother, Jane, in May 2022. Penny is a 14 year old, 1/8 Welsh, 7/8 American Shetland Pony. Prior to coming to Lone Oak, Frankie gave pony rides at Dutch Wonderland. Frankie loves attention, her mother, and apples!




Atlas is a Friesian Percheron Cross Gelding, standing at 17.2 hands tall and approximately 14 years old. Atlas came to us from Horses Deserve a Second Chance after his former life as an Amish horse. Atlas is focusing on gaining weight and getting healthy. Atlas has a great background that will make him an excellent therapeutic partner!



Poppy is a 1-year-old piglet that loves to be held! Poppy is certified as a Therapy Pet by the American Mini Pig Association. In the meantime, she spreads love and joy wherever she goes! Poppy loves fruits and veggies as well as cheerios!

Paxton Noel


Pax is a baby mini horse, born in August 2022. Pax is very sweet and loving. He is in training to become one of our mobile therapeutic animals!

Seminole Traveler (Nole)

Nole 1.jpg

Nole is a warm blood thoroughbred cross chestnut gelding born around 2000. He was neglected when his owner got sick. Nole is a very sensitive horse that enjoys jumping. He is very sweet, curious, and smart. 

Sassy Sammie Sunshine

Sammie Sunshine.jpg

Sammie is an American pony under 10 years old. She was rescued from her very abusive owner. Because of this Sammie feels sometimes that she needs to protect herself. She has come a long way in learning to trust humans. Sammie is still in training. Sammie is very curious and sassy.



Tucker is a grullo, quarter horse born around 2003. We were told Tucker was a trail horse from southwest region of the USA, but we are finding out he may have had different training. Tucker is very sensitive, and we are working on building his confidence. Tucker is very friendly with other horses. 

Oliver Twist


Oliver is a very handsome American pony. We recently found out Oliver is older than we thought, and he is believed to be in his later teens. Oliver was going to be a lesson pony, but it was decided he would do well in the therapeutic program. Oliver is still in training. He is a very sweet, likable pony who loves attention, is smart, and has lots of personality.   



Snazzy is a chestnut quarter horse in his late teens. Snazzy is the resident "grumpy old man." He definitely has some sass, but wants to be loved and wants to know that he can trust his human. It has taken Snazzy awhile to come around, but he loves his head scratched and loves his "spa" days! He teaches you a lot about patience and being flexible because you can never be too sure what mood he will be in. 



Theo is an American pony and a love bug! He loves getting attention as much as he loves giving attention. Theo doesn't have a mean bone in his body. However, when he doesn't want to do something, he can be mighty stubborn! He may be small, but he is strong. Theo has recovered after having hoof surgery and is back with his herd! 




Huey is (born 2015) a Belgian draft horse. He's a huge horse with an even bigger heart. Huey is a baby, approaching 18 hands with feet the size of large pancakes. Huey came to Lone Oak through Penny and Dave at the Horse Angel's Rescue. He has been a personally owned horse, a trail horse, and an Amish work horse. Lone Oak will be Huey's forever home where he will help so many people and eat a lot of food!




Samson is a Oldenburg/Percheron cross horse (born 2014). Samson is quite tall at 17 hands. He was previously in training for dressage (a type of horse training) when he had to have surgery on his back legs. After the surgery, Samson fully recovered, but just was not happy doing the training. However, he is happy with a job and is great with trail riding, walking and trotting. His previous owner decided that it would be better for Samson to become a therapy horse where he can be loved on while helping humans. 



Fern (born about 2017) was rescued from a kill pen in Oklahoma with her baby, Fiddle and pregnant with Sprout. Fern and Fiddle both had strangles and survived EHB1.They were rescued as part of a school project and were rehabilitated back to good health. She is very shy and a very good and protective mom. Fern is currently caring for her baby Sprout. Fern is about 5 years old.



Fiddle (born 2020) was rescued from a kill pen in Oklahoma early in 2021 with her mom, Fern. Fern and Fiddle both had strangles and survived EHB1.They were rescued as part of a school project and were rehabilitated back to good health. Fiddle is three years old and loves kisses and carrots. She is playful and working towards being a therapeutic team member. 




Sprout was born on May 7, 2021 to his mother, Fern. It was unknown when Fern was rescued that she was pregnant, but Sprout was a welcomed surprise. Sprout is currently working on growing and learning. He loves to be with his mom.

Jane Addams



Jane, previously Jasmine, was donated with her daughter, Frankie, to Lone Oak in May 2022! Jane is an 18 year old 1/4 Welsh, 3/4 American Shetland pony. Before coming to Lone Oak, she did pony rides at Dutch Wonderland. She is very sweet and loves apples!

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