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Lone Oak Learning Center

Services and partnerships offered by Lone Oak Learning Center (LOLC) provide innovative pathways for students' achievement of social, emotional, & educational goals.


Executive Summary

To address deficits in traditional education and meet more effectively the learning needs of diverse students, LOLC partners with schools and organizations to provide innovative pathways to academic achievement and social, emotional, and behavioral health.  LOLC’s program, which are trauma-informed in structure and content, are situated in our innovative ARCH model, which creates a framework of attunement (emotional reciprocity and awareness), restoration (increased awareness of strengths), connection (building relationships), hopeful purpose (positive mindset and meaningful work).


Lone Oak, LOLC’s parent organization, is classified 501c (3).  Services offered to date through our Learning Center include extended school year programming; home school and cyber school supplemental activities; credit recovery; work - study; community service (both voluntary and mandated); therapeutic services (individual, family, group, program supplemental); and continuing education trainings.


Lone Oak staff include mental health professionals, teachers, and equine specialists.  We hold advanced degrees in our fields and are supported by our community volunteers.    We have the space and flexibility to provide services despite inclimate weather and / or COVID-related distancing requirements.  We partner with 14 equines, many of whom are rescued animals who have found their forever home with us.

LOLC emerged in response to clear and well-recognized deficits in traditional educational settings.  Decades of research demonstrate that traditional settings have failed students in myriad ways, and the limitations of public schools have most significantly failed students who learn through nonlinear instruction; require interactive or experiential pedagogies; are affected by poverty or lack of other kinds of support; have been diagnosed with behavioral health disorders; and/or have different learning needs.  


To better meet all students’ needs, LOLC partners with other individuals, schools, and programs that, like us, are dedicated to better supporting and educating all of our children.  At Lone Oak, we created an inclusive, contextual model of support. The “ARCH” model of community-based care differs in important ways from traditional educational services that require linear, sedentary learning and rely on somewhat antiquated, behavior modification strategies.


Our educational programs are situated in our ARCH model ~ Attunement, Restoration, Connectedness, Hopeful Purpose. 


We have demonstrated our ability to meet diverse student needs by partnering successfully with the following school programs:


River Rock Academy

Ms. Katie Linebarger developed the River Riders program in partnership with River Rock Academy. River Riders attend

Lone Oak once a week. While at the farm, these students are provided with therapeutic services in a context of trauma-informed care, and taught strategies that are effective in horsemanship and in adapting to academic rigors, prosocial behavioral expectations, and community membership.


New Story Academy

After learning of the River Riders program, Lone Oak was approached by New Story.  We were asked to develop a program much like River Riders for their students, with a slight increase in mentoring and emotional support.  The program is called New Story Navigators.  We achieved dual objectives by tasking our River Riders with the mentorship of the Navigators.  The result was a successful program that offered students opportunities to achieve behavioral and social goals, while building a youth community at Lone Oak.


The Mix

The Mix is a community-based youth and family center in Lancaster City.  Lone Oak has partnered with The Mix to provide summer camps, afterschool programming, and this summer,

extended year academic enrichment.


One Herd

In partnership with Donegal School District, Lone Oak has provided weekly programming for children in the district’s emotional support classrooms.  In collaboration with the classroom teacher and 

paraeducators, we devised a curriculum to support students’ achievement of IEP goals, including improved emotional regulation, development of prosocial behaviors, and collaborative 

learning skills.  We are also offering a week-long “camp” as part of students’ extended school year.


Join Up

With funding from an LEA (local education agency), Lone Oak collaborated with school counselors in several school districts to identify students who were classified as McKinney-Vento funding-eligible. This is our second year of the Join Up program, which provided several weeks of camp to identified students.  Participants receive hygiene and academic supplies.  The camp curriculum emphasizes building friendships and communities that transcend socioeconomic status and geographic location.  Transportation and food are included in the camp experience.


Community Service

Lone Oak has been asked to become a community service site for Juvenile Probation and Parole.  We are currently completing the required paperwork.

Credit-Bearing Programs

Manheim Township High School  has agreed to give a Lone Oak youth 2 credits for his work - study with us, thereby providing him with the opportunity to graduate on schedule.


Conestoga Valley High School has agreed to give one youth 2 credits for a flexible work study program that includes direct supervision and therapeutic support at Lone Oak.


Manheim Central High School is currently considering offering credit for a work-study program as well.


Continuing Education Credits

Lone Oak Learning Center strives to meet educational needs for young students as well as professionals who are lifelong learners.  We are qualified to provide CEUs in several different training areas.

Let's Work Together

Contact us for more information or to schedule a time to talk about our tailored services.

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