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LEAD Change

The Lone Oak team have extensive backgrounds in child welfare, juvenile justice, education, behavioral health, and other child serving systems. Lone Oak was created as an innovative program to rethink and address the need for innovation in child serving systems. The need for change in services for children and families is well known with many individuals and groups working to make improvements. However, many of these solutions focus on issues that do not solve the real problem. To further improve services, Lone Oak collaborates with Lead Change; an initiative to utilize research, collaboration, and experience in the field to make valuable improvements to children and family services. Lead Change was created by Dr. Wilson out of her research related to improving services for children and recruitment and retention of prepared, trained staff for children's services.



Lead Change is dedicated to supporting and informing practice with research. By conducting ethical research, we hope to build upon and help inform other practitioners and policy with data that provides solutions to real issues with a social justice framework. 



Lead Change can consult with other stakeholders and partners in the field to provide solutions to systemic challenges. 


Create Innovative Solutions

Your donation to Lead Change will help to create funding for innovative practices pilots in the local Lancaster County community. 

Be the Change
If you would like to get involved with Lead Change and have a background of working in children's services, please reach out to Dr. Wilson by clicking the button below.

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