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Lone Oak Boss Mares Camp

Leadership is a key element that Lone Oak includes in sessions for individuals and groups.

Studies of horses in herds have revealed that these amazing animals have much to teach us about relationships, communication, and leadership. Lone Oak offered a camp for youth ages 12 to 15 called "Boss Mares." From June 21 to June 24, these youth participated in activities that promote leadership, education and growth, and learning from horses.

In the horse herd, the Boss Mare is the female leader: fierce, confident, loving, and protective. She takes care of herself so that she can also take care of others, and earns the trust and respect of other horses in the herd who follow her lead.

Boss Mares will take what they have learned and be welcomed back to a camp for a younger age group as Junior Counselors. This provides them with the opportunity to not only learn about leadership but also practice the skill and apply it to their life.

This camp has been funded by the International Association of Group Social Workers, Inc through their SPARC funding. This funding helps Lone Oak to purchase needed equipment for the group.

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