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Lone Oak Apparel



Each purchase helps to make services more accessible for children, families, and veterans. Thank you for your support!

The funds from your purchase will be used for one of three purposes:


1) Scholarship: a portion of our funding is dedicated to supporting directly children, individuals, and/or families who would like to receive services but are unable to do so because they lack transportation, insurance, and/or money for services. Our goal is to provide free services to all families who need them. 

2) Supplies & Gear: we are always in need of supplies for our arts projects (paper, paint, fibers for knitting, musical instruments, etc.). We also serve families that may lack the “gear” that barn work requires, including boots, gloves, coats, hats, mittens, etc. 

3) Caring for the Herd: Some funding goes directly to the care of our horses, who require shelter, feed, hay, and ongoing medical care.

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